About US

The Care Staff is one of the fastest growing health care and nursing recruitment agencies in the UK, with branches spread over East of England and expanding. At present, we cater to private health care clients, providing Registered Nurses and Health Care Workers.

Established in 2014, TCS have seen outstanding growth, already with 7 branches apart from our Cambridge headquarters and newly established Reading hub. This growth is proof of the high quality staffing solutions we have been constantly providing our clients. We take the time to listen to our clients’ needs and deliver personalised, reliable and consistent services, whatever the requirements. Our support staff are available 24/7 throughout the year.

Recruitment Standards

Working with TCS brings complete fulfilment. Our highly rated recruitment standards is an affirmation of the quality of people we hire. We seek professionalism and compassion in our healthcare staff. Our customised six stage recruitment process ensures that the aptitude and suitability of the applicants are verified against the high standards at TCS.

Initial Screening

Only half of all applications pass initial screening. We encourage employee references to find suitable applicants. We not only assess the merits of the individual, their qualifications and their experience but also their desire to provide high quality care. We always keep our applicants well informed about their application status through personal contacts.


Face to face interview at the branch. Personal, face to face interviews are conducted with the business manager or The Care team lead. This is an opportunity for both sides as applicants can demonstrate their knowledge and passion for care, and TCS is able to assess if the individual fits the required profile.

Referencing and Work History

Each staff member at TCS go through a rigorous background verification process. Background checks on work history and education are conducted for new as well as staff who seek to join the team again after a previous stint at TCS.

CRB Checks

Each TCS staff member undergoes an enhanced criminal record check.

Induction into the Company

Every staff member undergoes a mandatory induction program to familiarize with company policies and guidelines.

Pre-Work Training

We ensure each staff has valid and required certification. Training is provided in the event of caring for special needs patient care. Team TCS prepares each new staff as a fully confident and proud TCS staff member.